This Floating World


‘This Floating World’ is an exhibition of drawings, photography and video works by Kevin Flanagan

Opening: The Galway Arts Centre, Thursday June 10th at 6pm
Exhibition runs: 11th June – 2nd July

Flanagan’s work is inspired by the concept of emergence as found in both natural and man made systems.
The word territory can refer to both spatial and conceptual experience, an environment or an idea. Areas of knowledge unknown to us are often referred to as uncharted territory. The work of the cartographer is similar in many ways to that of the artist. However our images and maps of the world can never be total. As representations their creation always involves a kind of abstraction and separation from reality as such they are only ever partial and incomplete, rough guides at best and no substitute for the real thing.

Artists Talk on Tuesday 22nd June at 6pm

Galway Arts Centre
47 Dominck St

+353 91 565886

And you may ask yourself what have I been doing these past 2 years in college


Yes for all of you my adoring fans the time has come I completed my Masters in Fine Art at the University of Ulster Belfast in June and Im finally getting around to uploading images from my end of year show.


This is a photographic piece shot with my friend Eve Vaughan on a day out visiting the location of the field from the film ‘The Field’ by Jim Sheridan its on the road from Leenane in north Connemara to Westport. The film raises lots of issues about the Irish peoples historical relationship to the land. In these times with all that has happend between the recession and the collapse of the property bubble I was interested in revisiting this location.

The Field by Jim Sheridan –

Eve Vaughan also has a new blog where she has posted some documentation from her recent performances in Dublin

Eve in Space

I used the show as an oppurtunity to try an experiment in sharing. I got 500 posters printed I left them on the floor in the exhibition space I put a note with a cap beside them saying ‘ posters are free – if you would like to show your support for the artist you are welcome to leave a £1 or 2 in the cap’ I was delighted that so many people liked the work, its lovely to think hundreads of my posters found their way into peoples homes I was also pleasently surprised to find so many people showing their support by putting a £1 or £2 in the cap. The money collected from the cap covered almost half my printing costs and I still have at least 200 posters left which I’ll have to give away again at some future exhibition. So a big Thank You to all of you for showing your support. Its very encouraging. So to continue with the sharing if you like the image but couldn’t make it to the exhibition I am licencing it with a Creative Commons Attribution Non Commercial Sharealike Licence for those not familiar with Creative Commons that means you are free to share and distribute the image, and to make derivative works , use it in your own work , remix the thing ,on the basis that it is for non commercial purpose and that you attribute me as your source of inspiration :)

The second piece in the show was a video installation.



click on the images below to watch the videos




A couple of weeks before I took part in the City Supplements show at Ps2 Paragon Project Space Donegal Belfast. We had a brief to make some work in response to the changing cathedral quarter of the city.

I made a few pieces based on a series of images found on google street view. The images follow the flight of birds through the area as recorded on google street view. I also made an animated video of the street for fun. Do check out the Ps2 site there where some nice pieces in the show and there are plenty of images on the site.


Line of Flight 72dpi small

click on the image above to get a better look

click on the image below to watch the video.


ok next up are just a few images that I was playing around with

camera in mirror

large circular mirror landscape copy

diamond mirror landscape copy

click on the image below to watch a sample video


Water Ball



Tea Tree



Rain Drops



Off The Old Head





- Its better to sit back from this one

Creative Commons License

Another visit to Mamin


Creative Commons License

Diamonds of Light


Creative Commons License

Grass Barbed


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