Mapping Humanity on the streets of Galway

DSC_0046, originally uploaded by kev.flanagan.

I finally got it together and went into town on Saturday to continue the performance ‘Mapping Humanity’ which I started last February in Glasgow. I was pleasantly surprised with the response and there certainly was some progress made. Galway is a real tourist town and there are people passing through Shop Street from all over the world. Its amazing. I met so many people. Even from as far afield as Loas. To make further progress I’ll have to take advantage of the tourist season. I’m sure I’ll reach a point at which I will need to travel to find people but for the moment I’m curios to see how much of the Map I can get done without having to leave my home town.
Below is the statement I’ve stuck to the Map. If a person likes this idea they are welcome to mark the map.

I’ve uploaded a video to Youtube you can watch it on the blog here on the “Mapping Humanity” page

or on Youtube here

There are also photos on Flickr you can see a slide show here.

“Individuals of different nationalities are invited to mark their respective homeland, its name and flag in white. One by one as neighbouring nations are painted, borders, markers of territory begin to disappear. I will travel with the map until it is complete. The completed map will present an image of a world without borders or boundaries where all lands and peoples can be seen as one. Marking the map is a simple gesture towards peace, equality and solidarity among the peoples of Earth.”


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