This Floating World

‘This Floating World’ is an exhibition of drawings, photography and video works by Kevin Flanagan

Opening: The Galway Arts Centre, Thursday June 10th at 6pm
Exhibition runs: 11th June – 2nd July

Flanagan’s work is inspired by the concept of emergence as found in both natural and man made systems.
The word territory can refer to both spatial and conceptual experience, an environment or an idea. Areas of knowledge unknown to us are often referred to as uncharted territory. The work of the cartographer is similar in many ways to that of the artist. However our images and maps of the world can never be total. As representations their creation always involves a kind of abstraction and separation from reality as such they are only ever partial and incomplete, rough guides at best and no substitute for the real thing.

Artists Talk on Tuesday 22nd June at 6pm

Galway Arts Centre
47 Dominck St

+353 91 565886


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