Romanticism Today and some Serendipity


Another few images that have been sitting on my hard drive forever. Reflecting on Romanticism and the Environmental movement I did these collages of the work of the painter Caspar David Friedrich,  “Wanderer above the Sea of Fog” from which I took the figure in the foreground and placed against the “The Sea of Ice”. I’ve forgotten now where the background with the smokestack for the second image came from unfotunately. I like that this iconic lone romantic figure can be cut out and placed against different backgrounds bringing a reflective and comtemplative mood to the environment.

cinematic icebergs


I love serendipity. I had only posted the images above to the blog before I traveled to Germany to take part in a conference. Between conferences a friend and I went to Dresden and rented a car. We decided to stay in Bad Scandau which is probably only 10 or 15 km from the Czech border. It was only when I arrived at the hotel and started looking at the tourist leaflets that I realised I was in that landscape that inspired so much of Caspar David Friedrichs paintings and so I set out on little mission to visit some of the locations. With a little help from Wikipedia I located the Kaiserkrone which is supposedly where the man in painting is standing and of course we had to try and recreate the scene. I will update this post with a few pics over the coming weeks.